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10 years of experience guarantee us in the repair of any Mac, pc or Smartphone device. We offer the best service for the company with a wide range of services to have its installation ready.

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Quick, efficient and personalized response, adapted to different requirements.



At Informático de Ibiza we are specialized in the repair and sale of Apple laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Has your iPhone screen been cracked? Has your MAC got wet? Do you think your device is infected by a virus? Do you want to improve its performance? We offer you a free, professional and fast diagnosis. We have a permanent stock of original parts.

We can also order them from our trusted suppliers, thus speeding up the purchasing process. We also have equipment for sale and we take care of its assembly, so that you only have to enjoy it.

Bring us your MAC, iPad or iPhone and we will return it to you in optimal condition.


We take care of repairing your PC whatever the problem you have.

We perform tune-ups, optimize old operating systems, eliminate viruses, replace hard drives, repair hardware, and recover lost data, among others.

And if what you want is to buy a new PC, we also offer solutions for you. Ask about our equipment and choose the one that best suits your needs at unbeatable prices.

We advise you and take care of the assembly of your computer from start to finish. At Informático de Ibiza we are also experts in the world of ‘gaming’.

Motherboards, memories, graphics cards, special keyboards and mice, armchairs …

We have everything you need to get the most out of your PC and your favorite games.



Give the management of your company’s teams to expert hands thanks to Informático de Ibiza.

We take care of the assembly, tuning and maintenance of any device in your business.

We can assist you in person and we have an emergency service to immediately resolve any inconvenience. We install all kinds of cabling, racks and WiFi and we offer the appropriate POS management software for each type of business.

A good number of small and large companies already rely on the experience of Informático de Ibiza when managing their teams.

Check our price packs and let us worry about the correct functioning of your IT solutions.



We can repair your mobile or Tablet regardless of its brand from 20 euros. Whether it is Android or iOS, the screen has been cracked, the device wet or any of its parts damaged, we have the right solution.

We are aware of the importance of your smartphone, so we work as soon as possible.

We have a large stock of permanent parts at unbeatable prices and we offer you a guarantee of up to three months on plate repairs.

Do not give up your mobile or tablet. Visit our technical service in Ibiza and let them take care of recovering it.



In our laboratory in Ibiza we can attend to any type of advanced electronics repair.

We are experts in microsoldering, troubleshooting, graphics card repair, microchip replacement, and many other fields.

Do not give up your equipment without approaching Informático de Ibiza first. Ask about our rates and trust our professionals with years of experience.


We help you develop your website or App (iOS and Android) to provide your clients with the most complete service.

Explain your idea to us and we will work to materialize it in the shortest time possible.

We will offer you a detailed budget and specific advice for your sector.


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